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Enhance your academic study with a paid work term

The Co-operative Education option allows you to apply your knowledge, develop skills and gain confidence, while you earn money to help pay for tuition. Co-op consists of three, four-months work terms.

Participating in the Co-op program offers numerous professional advantages, including standing out to potential employers, enhancing your resume, extending your learning beyond the classroom, gaining deeper insights into your field of study, establishing a network of valuable contacts and experiencing the realities of full-time work.

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Students Apply on Career360 and complete the following procedure:

Students Apply on Career360 with the following items:

  1. Application Form (on Career360)

PHASE II: (The Office Coordinator will be in touch regarding this step after you apply)

  1. Attend a Resume/Cover Letter Writing Workshop
  2. Write your resume and upload it to Brightspace                          

Application open May 21, 2024 for a Winter 2025 work term.

Have a question about the Co-op program or how to apply? Book an appointment on Career360° “appointment type” – Student Inquiries / Non-co-op student to find out more or email with any questions


Students who are interested in applying to the program must meet these minimum requirements:

  • Students normally have completed at least 45 credit hours before acceptance, with a maximum of 69 credit hours.
  • Transfer students must be enrolled in full-time studies at Saint Mary’s. (Note: Transfer students do not need a SMU CGPA to apply, but must demonstrate one at the time of acceptance)
  • You have to declare a major before you are officially accepted into the co-op program 
  • Student must have the minimum CGPA's:
    • Bachelor of Science Program must have at time of application, and maintain a minimum 2.50 CGPA and a 3.0 GPA in their major courses.
    • Sobey School of Business Program must have at time of application, and maintain a minimum 2.50 CGPA, and a minimum degree GPA of 2.70 to graduate with co-op distinction
    • Bachelor of Arts Program must have at time of application, and maintain a minimum 2.7 CGPA.
  • Students are expected to complete 3 co-op work terms alternating with academic terms before graduation. Each work term is approximately 12 – 16 weeks in length.

2024 Deadline Dates:

January 15 – February 16, 2024

May 21 – June 21, 2024

September 23 – October 25, 2024