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All of our Drop-In Group Fitness Classes are free to members, students and Day Pass users. See the full schedule and save your space 72 hours in advance at

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SMUfit offers a wide range of group fitness classes to serve our students and community members. At any fitness level, we have something for you! Join our SMUfit community and embrace the joy of in-person group fitness.

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Note: Drop-in Classes can be booked 72hrs in advance and any of our Pilates classes can be booked 7day's in advance. 

Abs, Legs and More with a new attitude - using tubing, weights, bars, balls, balance boards, and more.

An action-packed fitness class filled with Interval Training and equipment designed to challenge your body, burn fat, and build lean muscle. Bootcamp is designed for those who want a quick and dirty 45min workout where you don't have to think but know your leaving one step closer to your goals. Let our instructor direct you through this butt kicking bootcamp workout. 

This class focuses on core conditioning, stabilization, and strength through a variety of exercises. Be prepared to work on proper movement, challenge your core and feel the burn through core targeting compound movements and mat exercises.

This total body, low-impact workout combines cardio, resistance and balance exercises. Suitable for beginners, seniors and anyone requiring a modified program.

This Gentle Yoga class is suitable for anyone wanting to stretch, breath and relax. This is the perfect class for beginners, seniors and anyone requiring a modified program.


This choreographed heart pumping class is a combination of low impact cardio and resistance training. You will leave feeling worked from head to toe while also getting your cardio in! Have fun working out to the beat in this fun and energetic class.

Calm your mind and body and address your stressors both positive and negative with this relaxing Yoga Nidra style meditation. This meditation practice will increase delta brainwaves and access your inner calm, and creativity more freely. Other benefits can include reduced anxiety, chronic pain, depression, and blood pressure.

If you are new to spin, please arrive early to be sized for your bike. Spin classes do not require bike reservation. Arrive early to secure your bike.

Metabolic resistance training + High Intensity Interval Training

This is a circuit training class that involves pure strength at lower repetitions and full-body conditioning. Be prepared to do as many rounds as possible and challenge your muscles, anaerobic system and metabolic conditioning. This style of training is proven to burn fat and increase muscular strength.

Join us for a challenging, fun, and inviting new workout on our “adult playground”, the Synergy 360! This circuit training workout combines both strength and conditioning stations using a variety of equipment both on and around the Synergy to develop muscular strength and endurance, with an emphasis on functional movement and proper execution. Burn calories while toning arms, legs, abs and glutes with this team training style workout!

The “Tai Chi for Health – Set of 24” is a simplified and widely practiced routine within the realm of Tai Chi, designed to provide numerous health benefits through a sequence of 24 movements. This set is often used as an introductory or beginner-friendly form due to its shorter length and focus on fundamental Tai Chi principles. It can be practiced by individuals of various ages and fitness levels, promoting relaxation, balance, flexibility, and overall well-being.

An action packed fitness class filled with High Intensity Interval Training designed to challenge your body, burn fat and build lean muscle.

In this class you will get stronger while also improving mobility and stability without any high-intensity stress on your joints.

Introductory yoga, good for those who want flexibility and relaxation.

During this class you will flow through several yoga postures paired with breath work. You will leave this class feeling relaxed and energized for your day. 

Fun, effective, easy to follow, Latin-inspired, calorie burning dance fitness party! 

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