Computing Science & Business Administration

Why study Computing Science and Business Administration

Saint Mary’s Computing Science and Business Administration program is an interdisciplinary four-year degree that combines computing science courses, taught in the Department of Mathematics and Computing Science, with a selection of courses taught in the Sobey School of Business.

This program is designed to meet the increasing demand for people with a solid technical knowledge of computing science who also understand the application of this technology to business problems.

To declare this program as a major, students should consult with the Coordinator of Computing Science in the Department of Mathematics and Computing Science.

College or university?

Computing Science and Business Administration programs at colleges typically teach computing languages and business principles in demand at the time of instruction. At Saint Mary’s, we go beyond that: our students learn these skills, plus the foundational principles that tie programs and computing systems together. This approach gives our students the ability to learn new languages as they develop in the future; it also affords them the opportunity to work within a much broader range of programs and software after graduation.

The Saint Mary’s approach

With an average class size of 60 students per class in first-year courses and ten to 20 in upper-year courses, our students form easy connections with their professors and each other. This supportive atmosphere encourages students to diversify their education through study abroad, co-op, or undergraduate research opportunities. Our students also regularly participate in regional computer programming “hackathons” and business case competitions—experiences highly valued by future employers.

Sample courses offered:

  • Database programming
  • Communications, Networks, and Security
  • Strategic Management
  • Web information systems
  • Small business consultancy

Future career opportunities:

  • Systems analyst
  • IT consultant
  • Website developer
  • Software engineer or developer
  • Information security officer
  • IT Project Management.

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