Arla_Day Dr. Arla Day, Director (Canada Research Chair in Industrial/Organizational Psychology)
Key interests: Occupational stress, strain, burnout, employee well-being, & health, work-family conflict & balance.


Dr. E. Kevin Kelloway (Canada Research Chair in Occupational Health Psychology)
Key interests: Workplace stress, workplace violence, safety leadership, employee well-being.


Dr. Mark Fleming (CN Professor of Safety Culture)

Key interests: Safety culture/climate, patient safety, safety leadership, behaviour modification.



Dr. Catherine Loughlin (Canada Research Chair in Management)
Key interests: Leadership and health (E.g., management's leadership role in workplace health and safety, female managers' leadership and promotion rates).
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Dr. Vic Catano
Key interests: Personnel selection, assessment, and industrial relations.


Dr. Tatjana Chorney
Key interests: Work-family life balance.


Dr. Lori Francis
Key interests: Workplace stress, aggression and incivility at work, workplace safety, safety leadership.


Dr. Bernadette Gatien
Key interests: Safety culture/climate, workplace stress, organizational disasters.


Dr. Camilla Holmvall
Key interests: Aggression and injustice in the workplace.


Dr. Lucie Kocum
Key interests: Psychosocial risk management at work, work wellness, return to work after acute or chronic illness.


Dr. Margaret McKee
Key interests: Employee well-being.

Debra Gilin Oore

Dr. Debra Gilin Oore
Key interests: Workplace conflict, workplace violence, aggression and bullying, stress.


Dr. Steve Smith
Key interests: Health and safety promotion, medical error.


Dr. Sonya Stevens
Key interests: Occupational health psychology (e.g., work-life balance, stress management, employee health and well-being).


Dr. Veronica Stinson
Key interests: Accident investigation.


Dr. Jing Wang
Key interests: Work-life balance.

Associate Members

Dr. Joe Hurrell
Key interests: Occupational stress, workplace hazards.

Dr. Janet McClain
Key interests: Workplace hazards and risk, workplace stress, rural safety.

Dr. Jason Slaunwhite
Key interests: Health promotion.

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Student Members

Mohammed Al-Hamdani
Key interests: Smoke-free policies, health promotion.

Luc Bourgeois
Key interests: Workplace violence and aggression, workplace stress.

Lindsay Bryson
Key interests: Workplace aggression, burnout and recovery.

Kate Calnan
Key interests: Workplace violence and aggression, workplace conflict, positive psychology.

Joseph Alexandre Carpini
Key interests: Physical and psychological health, employee motivation, leadership, workplace deviance.

Anjali Date

Jennifer Dimoff
Key interests: Psychologically healthy workplaces, workplace mental health, business sustainability, emergency management, disaster preparedness.

Meghan Donohoe
Key interests: Workplace relationships, role-conflict, employee health and well-being, work-family life balance

Christina Etter
Key interests: Workplace incivility, aggression and violence.

Lauren Florko
Key interests: Workplace stress, statistical methods, workplace harassment.

Stephanie Gilbert
Key interests: Employee health and well-being.

Nikola Hartling
Key interests: Personality and interpersonal relations in the workplace.

Patrick Horsman
Key interests: Workplace stress.

Francis Lebel
Key interests: Workplace stress, safety, and procrastination.

Ashley Leopold
Key interests: Workplace violence, aggression and incivility, recruitment & retention, leadership.

Mandi MacDonald
Key interests: Employee health & well-being, work-family balance.

Aleka MacLellan
Key interests: Leadership, employee health & well-being, volunteerism.

Timur Ozbilir
Key interests: Corporate social responsibility, occupational health, perfectionism.

Samantha Penney
Key interests: Work-life balance and conflict, employee health and well-being.

Laure Pitfield
Key interests: Employee health & well-being, employee engagement, organizational culture.

Laura Rudy
Key interests: Employee health & well-being, workplace stress, and work-family balance.

Natasha Scott
Key interests: Safety culture/climate, workplace stress, employee health and well-being.

Dylan Smibert
Key interests: Safety culture, psychometrics, occupational health and safety selection.

Shauna Smith
Key interests: Work-life balance, work stress, workplace incivility.

Joanna Solomon
Key interests: Safety culture, measurement, assessment.

Brenden Sommerhalder
Key interests: Health promotion.

Jennifer Wong
Key interests: Workplace stress and emotions, employee health and safety, physiological measures.

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