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Psychology professor studies the silent epidemic burnout in healthcare (Dr. Debra Gilin, Psychology)

Transcoastal Adaptations helping coastal communities become resilient to climate change (Dr. Danika van Proosdij, Geography and Environmental Studies)

Student researcher has found - 100 -  and counting invasive crayfish in Three Mile Lake (Dr. Linda Campbell, Environmental Science)

Saint Mary's biomedical lab is on the frontier of collagen exploration (Dr. Sam Veres, Engineering)

Meet the new face of retail: the Saint Mary's retail robot (Dr. Adel Merabet, Engineering)

SMU Professor examines virus spread in Nova Scotia (Dr. Yigit Aydede, Economics)

Crunching the numbers: student-led project uses open data to improve the lives of Nova Scotians (Dr. Matthew Boland, Accounting)

Documentary by Dr. Kate Ervine reveals the unseen ways we contribute to greenhouse gas emissions (Dr. Kate Ervine, Global Development Studies)

Saint Mary's University historian Karly Kehoe unveils discoveries on Catholic migration in Atlantic Canada (Dr. Karly Kehoe, History) 

Past News

Saint Mary's research into sustainable agriculture and more efficient 3D modeling receives federal funding (Dr. David Chiasson, Biology and Dr. Jiju Poovvancheri, Mathematics and Computing Science)

SMU researcher says learning about and living the ideals of fair trade starts with a conversation (Dr. Gavin Fridell, International Development Studies)

Researcher sparks new conversations about machine learning and robotics (Dr. Theresa Heffernan, English)

Studying the 'Right' Genes (Dr. Timothy Frasier, Biology)

Ropeless Fishing Reduces Harm to Whales (Dr. Jason Rhinelander, Engineering)

Identifying immigration trends is integral to the growth of Atlantic Canada (Dr. Ather Akbari, Economics)

Will electrical bills ever go down? It's likely, if this SMU researcher has his way using renewable energy (Dr. Adel Merabet, Engineering)

Upcoming Events

Smart Energy
Westin Hotel 
Halifax, Nova Scotia
April 15-17, 2024

Ocean Global Canada Summit
Algonquin Report
St. Andrews, New Brunswick
May 21-24, 2024

Atlantic BIOCON
Saint Mary's University
Halifax, Nova Scotia
May 28-30

Atlantic Venture Forum
Halifax Convention Centre
Halifax, Nova Scotia
June 5-6, 2024