"SMUs Computer Science Department has been a major asset in SimplyCast's voyage into gamification and in aiding SimplyCast to make the application easier to use. Through the Department's suggestions and user interfaces, we have been able to identify the features users use and we have been able to teach users about what features are available that they might not be aware of. The lessons SimplyCast has learned from SMU are invaluable and will help propel the company forward." Brendan Touesnard, Development Manager, SimplyCast

"Springboard introduced us to the Office of Innovation and Community Engagement at SMU. By doing amazing work, we will go even further and try to push for a phase two project and beyond" Charles Gervais, President and CEO, Missing Link Technologies

"Dr. Pawan Lingras and his team at the Department of Mathematics & Computing Science at SMU have been very instrumental in selecting and deploying advanced artificial intelligence solutions for Green Power Labs' products and services. In addition, SMU's Computing and Data Anlaytics Program has provided significant value in the development and commercialization of our energy management solutions. Togther, Green Power Labs and SMU crreated a new area of data analytics applications for clean energy management." Dr. Alexandre Pavlovski, President and CEO, Green Power Labs

"As a small business owner, it is sometimes difficult to find time to do applied research projects. The Office of Innovation and Community Engagement at SMU, certainly made the process easy to navigate and seamless".

"OICE is providing a multi-faceted service, connecting industry problems with academic solutions. Students learn much needed R&D skills and fund their education. Industry gets access to a broad range of expertise on demand. Faculty get new insights and direction for further research. When we walk into the classroom, there is a new found confidence to asnwer the question "Why are you making us learn this?" having applied what we are teaching to real world problems." Dr. Pawan Lingras