Global Business Management Program

How and why do business practices vary in different societies? The Global Business Management major, unique in its broad interdisciplinary outlook, answers these questions and more. It develops knowledge and abilities in strategic management, cultural awareness, critical analysis and communication and prepares students for a wide choice of careers in international and domestic organizations of all sizes.

The Saint Mary’s approach

As part of the Bachelor of Commerce degree at the Sobey School of Business, this program provides students with the expertise to manage human, physical and financial resources and emerging management issues in both international and domestic businesses.

Hands-on learning

Global Business Management students participated in a variety of on-campus societies including the Commerce and Accounting Societies, Conflict Resolution, Desi (South Asian) Society, Ethics, Human Resources, and Habitat for Humanity. They have taken part in study abroad programs in France, Germany, China and Hong Kong.

Sample courses offered:

  • International Accounting
  • International Finance
  • International Marketing
  • International Business Management

Language electives:  Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Japanese, or Spanish

Plus geographic electives drawn from: Political Science, History, Anthropology, Atlantic Canada Studies, French, Geography, Religious Studies, Philosophy, Sociology and International Development Studies

Future career opportunities:

  • Foreign affairs analyst
  • Immigration officer
  • Public interest group director
  • International student advisor
  • International operations manager
  • International job analyst

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