Atlantic Canada Studies Program

Why pursue Atlantic Canada Studies?

Develop a more nuanced understanding of the Atlantic region and its place in the world by pursuing Atlantic Canada Studies. This interdisciplinary program combines history, culture, literature and other disciplines across the Faculties of Arts, Commerce, and Science. The program will give you skills in critical and analytical thinking, writing and communications, organization, and the ability to work with complex data.

The Saint Mary’s approach

The Atlantic Canada Studies program is unique to Saint Mary’s University. Study the region from a variety of perspectives – socio-scientific, ecological, and cultural-historical. You can major in Atlantic Canada Studies and another discipline, which gives you additional expertise in another area of your choice. As an interdisciplinary program, you can choose courses that reflect your own unique combination of interests.

Sample courses offered:

  • Making Sense of Atlantic Canada
  • History of Atlantic Canada
  • Contemporary Atlantic Literature

Future career opportunities:

You may be employed by the government, non-governmental organizations, universities, museums, and cultural organizations, research companies, or businesses requiring knowledge of Atlantic Canada. Here are some other possible career paths:

  • Policy analyst
  • Social worker
  • Political analyst
  • Lawyer
  • Researcher
  • Environmentalist
  • City/provincial planner Intergovernmental affairs consultant

What our professors are saying

"Our program has award-winning researchers and instructors. We continue to have small class sizes that provide significant mentoring opportunities that facilitate student success. The study of the Atlantic Region, which is important on its own terms, also gives students the analytical tools to study other places or topics. Learn locally, live globally!”

- Peter L. Twohig, Canada Research Chair in Atlantic Canada Studies


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