Criminology Program

Why study Criminology?

How do societies define and respond to crime? How is law created and reformed, and what happens to people in the justice system? Explore these topics and gain an understanding of how they connect to broader issues of social regulation and control.

Criminology is about defining and responding to crime. As a criminology student, you will also delve into crime prevention, systems of regulation and punishment, policing, prisons, corrections, restorative justice, and human rights. You will gain an understanding of criminality, the social construction of crime, criminal justice policies & politics.

The Saint Mary’s approach

Our Criminology program provides a comprehensive curriculum taught by a diverse, student-focused faculty. Our faculty members are involved in numerous research projects and work with a variety of community partners, and government agencies, both locally and internationally. 

Some Possible Future Career Opportunities:

  • Child and youth worker
  • Social Work
  • Police officer
  • Lawyer
  • Immigration officer
  • Corrections officer
  • Probation or parole officer
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