Public Humanities and Heritage Program

Interdisciplinary Major in Public Humanities and Heritage

A photo of two females. On the left is a professor and a student is on the right. They are leaning over a table in an archive, looking at a document.

The new Public Humanities and Heritage program at Saint Mary's University gives students a foundational understanding of theory and practice in the core areas of public humanities (archaeology, archive and museum studies, public history, tourism, digital humanities and collections management). Students gain valuable critical thinking, research and writing skills, and historical and cultural literacy alongside hands-on, practical work experience in field placements.

The program includes a wide variety of courses, drawn from a range of disciplines in the Faculty of Arts, and prioritizes experiential learning including placements in museums, archives and heritage sites. Students may choose to major in Public Humanities and Heritage or add it as a second major.

Current Courses 
Find the detailed list of IPHH Current Courses for the 2023-2024 academic year. The list includes required courses, experiential learning courses, de-marginalization courses, language and culture courses, and courses in four possible theme areas: Spatial, Institutional, Representational, and Material.

It is recommended that students meet with the IPHH Program Coordinator once per semester, and an advising "checkpoint" meeting is required once per year. Students' IPHH program of study must be approved by the IPHH program coordinator at the annual "checkpoint" meeting.


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