Dr. Christa Brosseau

Imagine a t-shirt that can save lives! Dr. Christa Brosseau is doing just that in her work to develop a fabric-based sensor with the ability to detect disease biomarkers in sweat and other bodily fluids. An analytical chemist who specializes in surface chemistry, electrochemistry, and spectroscopy, Dr. Brosseau is an expert in plasmonics, a field of science that exploits the unique optical and electronic properties observed when certain nanoscale metals interact with light. Working in her lab at Saint Mary’s University, she manipulates these properties to build next-generation nanosensors.

As the Canada Research Chair in Sustainable Chemistry and Materials, Brosseau focuses on sustainable nanotechnology, including green synthesis of nanomaterials, biodegradable materials for sensing applications, and low-energy fabrication methods for creating “benign-by-design” nanosensor materials. Her expertise in the area of plasmonic sensors has led to valuable partnerships, both locally and globally. Recently, she and her team were part of a large, international effort led by Grand Challenges Canada to develop a rapid diagnostic platform for tuberculosis. Closer to home, she has just embarked on an exciting collaboration aimed at rapid detection of disease at the point-of-care.

Dr. Christa Brosseau in the lab working with her students

Brosseau collaborates with many scientists at the local, national and international levels. Her contribution to research is also evident in the work she has done over the years to prepare talented Saint Mary’s University chemistry students for graduate schools and other professional paths. A vibrant and approachable role model for aspiring scientists, she has served as both a team role model and a board member for Techsploration, a program aimed at introducing young girls to careers in the sciences and the trades.

Brosseau is a member of the research advisory committee for the Nova Scotia Health Research Foundation, and president of the Canadian section of the Electrochemical Society. A much sought-after speaker, she receives invitations from all over the world to present her research, and recently returned from a speaking engagement in Minneapolis, MN, where she presented at the meeting of SciX 2016.

Dr. Christa Brosseau’s Affiliations:

Grand Challenges Canada

University of Cape Town

Nova Scotia Research and Innovation Trust

Canada Foundation for Innovation

National Research Council - Industrial Research Assistance Program

MedMira Laboratories