Dr. Pawan Lingras

Dr. Pawan Lingras is a professor in the Mathematics and Computing Science Department at Saint Mary’s University and the Director of Computing and Data Analytics. An expert on mining and manipulating data, his areas of interest include Artificial Intelligence, machine learning, big data, wearable technology, image processing, intelligent transportation systems, and optimization using evolutionary algorithms.

Dr. Lingras works closely with Saint Mary’s University’s Office of Innovation and Community Engagement, and is currently collaborating on a variety of ventures that support innovative businesses in Atlantic Canada. In New Brunswick, he is working with a Data Center Infrastructure Management company to develop software that bridges the gap between Information Technology and physical data facilities. In Nova Scotia, he is involved with a green energy initiative to optimize energy usage for different weather conditions across the continent by creating a knowledge cloud. He is also funded by a Nova Scotia Productivity and Innovation grant to partner with a Dartmouth-based marketing automation company to mine usage statistics. Other research collaborations include designing a user interface for a music platform that connects DJs and club patrons, fraud detection for a global communications company, a video consultation and e-commerce system for healthcare, and an investigation of 3D technologies and printing options available to a Nova Scotia shoe store.

Dr. Pawan Lingras discussing data mining possibilities with his graduate students

A graduate of IIT Bombay and University of Regina, Dr. Lingras has authored more than 200 research papers; co-authored three textbooks; co-edited two books and nine volumes of research papers; and engaged in academic collaborations and speaking engagements around the globe. He receives regular funding for research and commercialization projects from the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council (NSERC), National Research Council-Industrial Research Assistance Program, and Mitacs, a Canadian organization that funds research and training. Dr. Lingras is also well respected for his dedication as a teacher and mentor. He is a recipient of Saint Mary’s University’s Father William A. Stewart, S.J., Medal for Excellence in Teaching, the Faculty of Science Teaching Excellence award, and the President’s Award for Excellence in Research.

Dr. Pawan Lingras’ Affiliations:


National Research Council - Industrial Research Assistance Program

Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada



Green Power Labs

Missing Link Technologies